“Afghan Star” And “Koran Star” Face Off In Afghanistan

“Afhgan Star,” Afghanistan’s answer to “American Idol,” is challenging religious traditions and promoting social change in this conservative country. The show, which allows people to vote on their fave singer via text, even lets women perform—check out this year’s only female finalist, Elaha Sorur, above. Last year, two gals made it to the end and one generated mega controversy when she danced, allowing her head scarf to slip down. After her performance, the singer got death threats and had to go into temporary hiding.Some want to ban “Afhgan Star,” but it’s the most popular show in Afghanistan and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So, instead, conservatives started “Koran Star.” Contestants on the show are quizzed by religious folk on how well they’ve memorized the Koran. Recent winner Uzra Mohamedi got a $3,500 check for her efforts which she solemly accepted while dressed head-to-toe in traditional getup. [CNN]

Hmm, I think I know which show I’d rather watch.

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