When The Chips Are Down, People Want To Be Comedians

The recession is no laughing matter. Or, maybe it is? Since the economy went down the tubes, more and more people have started pursuing careers in comedy. A lot of unemployed peeps are looking for work and they’re lining up outside places like New York City’s Gotham Comedy Club for a chance in the limelight. Open mic nights at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood are booked solid. But before you quit your day job, you should do your research or, at least, read the rest of this article. Because it turns out comedy isn’t an easy career to crack.It takes years for comedians to learn the tricks of the trade, and even longer before they start raking in dough. Most people never make it, and the older you get, the less likely you are to hit it big. A lot of comedy shows prefer younger people, since their jokes appeal to a wider audience. And, lets face it, they’re prettier to look at. A lot of comedians gripe that audiences are fickle and sometimes a joke that was funny one night, isn’t funny the next night. Also, timing is everything, and it takes quite a while to learn. Plus, some people don’t like dating comedians? [Washington Examiner]

So what do you think? Will you be trying your hand at inspiring belly laughs?