Really, Really Weird Rituals Involving Children

In India, people think having their baby dropped off a roof and onto a sheet 50-feet below will bring good luck and health to the kid’s family. It’s pretty terrifying and also quite dangerous, considering that babies are carried up a steep wall in sacks dangling from some dude’s back. [DailyMail UK]

But this isn’t the only crazy ritual involving children out there.

  • In China, some one-month old babies go through a ritual known as Zuomanyue. To ensure a long life, the child’s grandmother feeds it steamed, animal-shaped pieces of bread. [Women Of China] — Ah, we’ve discovered the origins of animal crackers.
  • It’s a Hindu tradition for newborns to be fed honey and butter on a gold ring while their father chants prayers in their right ear. Supposedly, the ritual will ensure that the child has a long life. []
  • Apparently, India has a lot of dangerous child-related rituals. In 2008, a couple dunked their three-month-old in boiling water to show their appreciation for its birth. The ‘rents seemed totally unfazed, but a lot of people watching were completely freaked out even though, by some miracle, that baby seemed fine. []
  • Every year on May 25 in Spain, at the Baby-Jumping Colacho Festival, men dressed up as Satan hurdle over rows of children. The jump is supposed to keep the devil away but it’s probably more likely to get your kid squashed. [MomLogic]