Today’s Lady News: Greek Woman Sets British Man’s Junk On Fire

  • Bringing new meaning to the term “firecrotch,” a 26-year-old Greek woman on the island of Crete poured alcohol on a British tourist’s genitals and set them on fire. The woman alleged that the 23-year-old Brit pulled his pants down, “forcefully fondled” her and requested she touch his penis. She allegedly doused his junk in booze and set it on fire with a lighter. Apparently “considerable damage” has been done to his testicles and penis. [NY Daily News] — Wow, there were really less bats**t ways she could have handled that situation. Poor guy (even if he was allegedly sexually assaulting her).

  • The news editor of Zambia’s largest newspaper was arrested and faces five years in jail for mailing photos of women giving birth to government officials, because the pics were considered “pornography.” Chansa Kabwela mailed the supposedly “obscene” pics of a woman in the middle of a breech birth, whose baby later died, to officials to urge them to end the current nurses’ strike in Zambia. [BBC]
  • A North Dakota mom has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for breastfeeding her baby while drunk. Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at Stacey Anvarinia’s home and ended up arresting her for child neglect when they found her boozing while feeding her baby. [AP] — Sounds like something that would happen to Betty Draper on “Mad Men.”
  • The New York Times couldn’t come up with a better headline than “Sotomayor Faces Heavy Workload of Complex Cases.” [New York Times] — Oh no! That sounds hard! Do we think the little lady can handle it?
  • Wronged wife Jenny Sanford, whose husband South Carolina Mark Sanford got busted big-time when he jetted down to Argentina earlier this year to visit his mistress, has moved out of the governor’s mansion with the couple’s four sons. [Fox News] — Jenny said in a statement that she is only moving the boys for school and the couple is still working together toward “healing our family.” But we think that ship has sailed.
  • If you get a random text from some guy asking, “Can I tap that ass?” he’s probably waiting to post your response on Can I Tap That, a website where people text someone else asking to “tap that ass” and post the response online. [Can I Tap That] — There’s a lot of pissed responses from women … which I guess is why it’s funny?