Things I’m Afraid Of: Paul Janka

Because I think it’s important to face your fears, I did something today that terrifies me. I signed up for Paul Janka’s website. In case you aren’t familiar with the Jank, he’s a notorious Brooklyn pick-up artist and compulsive dater. Here are a few gruesome facts about him…

  1. He has written a manifesto ebook called Attraction Formula.
  2. He runs a $1500 seminar called “Rock Solid Game.”
  3. He claims to have slept with more than 130 women.
  4. He has appeared on “Dr. Phil” to impart the wisdom of his methods. (See the nauseating footage, above.)
  5. He is in talks with Showtime to create a TV series based on his prowess.
  6. He’s been accused of attempting to date-rape a woman—as in pinned her down, pushed he, squeezed her. He brushed off the accusation as a joke.

Through his website, Janka does his own version of Gwyneth’s GOOP newsletter. Once I read a snippet on Gawker, I just had to register. So stay tuned. I’ll have some choice excerpts for you soon.

Did I mention how terrified I am of Janka and the disease he is spreading with his demented wisdom? There has been too much written about this d-bag already. My goal is not to help him gain any more notoriety, but rather to raise awareness and urge you women and all of you normal men out there to take a stand against this kind of mentality.