“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Recap: I Don’t Know Who To Believe

I’m so confused, y’all. Last night’s episode was all about the feud brewing between Sheree and Kim, and the one simmering between Kim, Lisa and NeNe. And I can’t tell who is lying, who’s acting extra for the cameras, and who really should be friends. After the jump, I recap what went down in The ATL when “The Real Housewives” tried to discuss their drama. OK, so NeNe and Kim finally sat down to discuss all the BS that went down last season. At first, both women seemed to be on the defensive — NeNe even questioned Kim about her choice of a margarita, instead of wine, her drink of choice. (Why? I don’t know.) Eventually, Kim made it clear that she’s missed NeNe, saying that all the arguing and backstabbing between her and the other women isn’t important because the friendship with NeNe is all she cares about. Their little chat ended with Kim sitting on NeNe’s lap and them reminiscing about the good times. NeNe also convinced Kim to meet with “the girls” so she could come clean about all the s**t she allegedly smack-talked about them.

Kim was apprehensive, as she should have been about the meeting, which NeNe and Sheree dubbed a “Kim-Tervention.” Who would want to be interrogated by three women about the alleged rumors she was spreading? Lisa didn’t show up, but NeNe and Sheree were there. So here’s why I don’t know who to believe. First off, Sheree has placed herself in the middle of every fight. She fed Kim information last season, and now she’s feeding it to NeNe and Lisa. She’s the orchestrator of everything. At the “Kim-Tervention,” Kim made another plea to NeNe regarding their friendship, ignoring Sheree’s attacks. As the attack continued and the restaurant folks started getting antsy about the loud arguing, Kim became fed up and stormed out. But not before she and Sheree got to name-calling. By the way Sheree, Kim could never be “trailer trash” because she wears way too much Dior and Dolce. I felt kind of sorry for Kim, and I hope she and NeNe work things out because I believe they genuinely care for each other.

Anyway, we were “treated” to some really gross romantic gestures, too. Lisa and Ed are trying to have another baby, so we had to go to a fertility doctor with them. We learned all about the risks of having a baby after the age of 35. (Maybe Jacqueline from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” can give Lisa some encouragement.) Then, we saw a really cliché interview with Ed in which he alluded to the fact that he’s not the conception problem. Yeah, we know Ed; you’re so young and virile that all you have to do is think pregnancy and your shooters stand at attention. Now can you get a job? Ed has a lot of time on his hands now that he’s not playing football, so he prepared a three-course dinner, flung rose petals all over the dang house, gave Lisa a massage, and ran a bubble bath for the two of them. Then they went to “make babies.” Barf! I love a romantic gesture, but this wasn’t one. I wish the camera stopped right before they entered the bathroom.

Now on to our newest housewife, Kandi. Her parts were all about her mother not wanting her to marry A.J. because he has six chil’ren. And Kandi boo-hooing about how he takes care of his kiiiids. She argued that there are so many men out there who can just forget they have kids and don’t even mention it to their girlfriends, so she admires A.J. for stepping up to the plate. Um, I can see her logic, but I think we need to stop commending men for doing what they’re supposed to. Anyway, Kandi, with the support of her aunts (who remind me of my own aunties), decided that she has to make herself happy, even if that means going against her mom.