In Bed With … Joseph Gordon-Levitt

February 17, 1981 in Los Angeles, CA
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Leo
Mercury: Aquarius
Venus: Aquarius
Mars: Pisces

Love Style:

True love to JGL is about being with a f**kable best friend. With three major aspects in Aquarius, the sign of friendship, companionship and all those trappings that are not overtly sexual are his thing. What he looks for is someone to mentally bond with and get deep into the philosophical theories about life, the future, humanity, etc. No, not one to get too far into personal matters, unless forced to, he’s about being stimulated intellectually — that is the way he really connects, as he isn’t the type of guy that is linear about attraction. Sure, he’ll be into doing a hot bimbo too, like most dudes, but real love that he gets off on is a whole other territory. To him, he wants a unique love, one that feels as if it’s never been explored before, except by him and his ladylove. If you have that sort of creative chutzpah, then attach hips, because that is exactly the love JGL is after.

Sex Style:

Joseph is a romantic. He loves the grand gestures of love and surprising his honey with a massive amount of attention, presents and fanfare. Not one to skimp on creativity either, he’ll tend to have über-original ideas in surprising his woman and serve her in any way he can. However, consistency isn’t his thing. To get to that mushy side of him requires maneuvering around his kinky little beast that has weird ways of getting off. Most likely he’s going to be a fan of dirty communications, sex toys and taboo sexual acts. The more left of center you can think, the more turned on he’ll get. Flog him, blindfold him, prod and poke him in places that don’t seem right. As long as the adventure is something he can learn from, it’ll hit him right in his g-spot. To him sex isn’t just about getting off; it’s about the style in which you do it. The more distinct the ride, the more he’ll worship the ground you walk on.

His Type:

JGL likes his ladies strange. He isn’t into the cookie-cutter girls most people would think of as sex kittens. No, he prefers something on the weirder side, something nerdier perhaps or flat-out freaky. Any bizarre physical abnormality is a no-no for most, but to this man, he’ll find it all the more intriguing. Yes, he’s about someone with character and lots of it. He’s not about the path most obvious, and in love this is doubly true. However, the one non-negotiable quality she must posses is she must have her own life and a strong sense of independence, as he’s the kind of guy that likes to have space. So, someone that has her own eccentric hobbies that compliments his peculiar tendencies would work best for him. Think of his ideal relationship as two peas in separate pods that are growing in the same strange field and there you will have a harvest of love, bizarre sex, and friendship that will last a lifetime.

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