How To (Extreme) Part Your Hair

In the last 12 to 24 hours or so, two celebs have appeared on separate red carpets with two very similar deep side parts, and I sort of love it—check out Milla and Sienna, above. This marks a clear shift: For, well forever it seems, every celeb rocked the middle part (think Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston to name a few). But this new development is actually great for 80 percent of the population with hair on their heads. Side-parts are way more flattering on way more people and I for one, love the romantic feeling the look invokes. Wanna know how to get one? Read on… Easiest way to part your hair? Brush your hair forward while blow-drying, then part it, swoop it to one side and mist with hairspray to keep too much from falling over your eye (or, tuck it behind your ear!). Mostly, one side of your head will tend to part more naturally than the other—you’ll experience less cowlicks and less resistance, essentially, when you draw the part with your comb. Oh and if your part is looking a little flat, there’s an easy fix: Part hair on the opposite of usual side while blow-drying, then mist on hairspray, flip back over and finger-smooth.