Etsy Find Of The Week: Zulasurfing Crystal Rings

For the most part, raw crystal jewelry can stay where it is now: in between the new age-y mystical books and bundles of sage. And no, we don’t need any smoky quartz to balance our sex chakras, thank you very much. What we do need, however, are some of the goods from Zulasurfing’s Etsy shop. And while the accessories there are made from crystals, there’s nothing corny about them. The stunners in the collection are the hand-carved rings, whittled right out of a rock, polished down to a super-shiny base, and left au natural at the top. Each ring shows off a different natural beauty. In one agate druzy number, the top sparkles with a whitish rock, underneath which is a layer of moss green, and then the rest of the ring slowly fades to a paler blue. The options for colors don’t fail to amaze—take your pick from deep blues, lavender, hot pink, dusty orange, and sea green.

There are also a few models with gold and silver bands set with chunks of raw amethyst. OK, so maybe raw crystals aren’t such a bad thing after all. [$58,]