Baby Panda Born At The San Diego Zoo!

Mazel tov to Bai Yun, a mommy panda bear at the San Diego Zoo who gave birth to a four-ounce panda cub on Wednesday morning. The baby’s gender will be unknown until the mama lets zoologists near her cub, who was the size of a stick of butter when born.

Bai Yun has given birth to a cub every two years since 1999. That is rare for endangered panda bears, since the lady bears are only in heat and ready for some sweet lovin’ for about 48 hours a year. With only 1,600 panda bears left on earth to begin with, a newborn baby panda is a big deal. (Especially if you’re obsessed.)Zoo guests can’t fawn over the little ball of panda fuzz in person until it’s about four months old. (The above baby panda photo is not of the newborn baby.) But luckily, anyone can watch both panda mom and panda baby on the San Diego Zoo’s Panda Cam. Mark your calendars for one month from now (that’s an order), when the baby will have grown into its trademark black-and-white fur. [San Diego 6]