20 Words That Gross Us Out More Than “Moist”

Moist is a word a lot of people seem to hate. In an article on GOOD, the writer resurrects a word-aversion discussion about that and other words.

Back in 2007, Salon covered the “moist” debate, pointing out that women might not like it because it reminds us of yeast infections or sexual arousal, rather than cakes baked to perfection. For whatever reason, there are certain words that people love to hate. They just don’t sound right, or they bring about bad memories.

Moist doesn’t bother us so much, but there are a few other words that get our panties in a twist, including panty (singular is worse than plural).

So you truly grasp the ickiness, Amelia will read them out loud to you (above).

  1. Agenda
  2. Cutlet
  3. Damp
  4. Slacks
  5. Panty
  6. Vaginal
  7. Scrotum
  8. Yeast
  9. Fluid
  10. Fetid
  11. Yolk
  12. Painterly
  13. Obnoxious
  14. Raw
  15. Hose (as in pantyhose)
  16. Snout
  17. Squishy
  18. Phlegm
  19. Coitus
  20. Smear