Today’s Lady News: Sonia Sotomayor Confirmed To The Supreme Court

  • Sonia Sotomayor has been confirmed by the Senate in a 68-31 vote. After she receives the oath of office, Sotomayor will be the first Latina judge and third female judge to join the bench. [New York Times]
  • Chris Brown’s sentencing for his assault of Rihanna has been delayed until August 27th. The judge on the case said she’d like for Brown to do hard labor as part of his community service. [TMZ] — That punishment’s a little better, but we still think Chris Brown should do some time to make the “don’t beat your girlfriend” message loud and clear.
  • Unfortch, yet another celeb got busted for allegedly beating a woman. Tom Sizemore, who starred in “Black Hawk Down,” was arrested last night for misdemeanor domestic violence against a female companion. In 2003, Sizemore was convicted of hitting his ex, Heidi Fleiss. [FoxNews] — Hitting women: hot in Hollywood right now?

  • A NYC couple received a parking ticket from a traffic enforcement officer when they pulled over in a no-standing zone so the mom could breastfeed her 6-month-old son and the dad could run to his nearby office to microwave a bottle of formula. The dad told the Times he knows they were technically in the wrong, but thinks a $115 ticket is ridiculous since they were only feeding their baby. “The sense of being human is getting lost in this whole thing,” he said. [New York Times] — Jeez. The cop could have just let them off with a warning.
  • A study at the University of Florence, Italy, (of course this occurred in Italy) of 800 women found that those who have one or two glasses of wine a day have better sex lives than non-drinkers. [NY Daily News] — Really? Wine just gives me a headache. [Not me! Explains so much. — Editor]
  • Foreign Policy’s blog posted a kinda weird list of daughters of the world’s most evil dictators. [Foreign Policy] — In the interest of parity, they made a list of evil dictator’s sons, too.