Shocker! You Can’t Turns Gays Straight With Therapy

The American Psychological Association has finally gotten around to saying that therapy aimed at turning gays straight is totally bogus. Good job, guys. We’ve only known that for, like, ever. In a vote of 125-to-4, the APA adopted a resolution saying that mental health personnel shouldn’t recommend so-called “repairative therapy” or similar treatments to gay clients. In fact, the effects of this bogus therapy could actually be harmful, leading to suicidal tendencies and depression.Gay individuals who want to “turn straight” are usually trying to reconcile their faith with their sexuality. A lot of churches and religious organizations think being gay is wrong. The association thinks these people should accept their sexuality and, if it really bothers them, try celibacy. (Worst. Idea. Ever.) They could also switch churches. But, therapy should be aimed at helping these ambivalent peeps be who they are and also live a spiritual life, if that’s what they want. [NY Times]

Personally, I don’t think it’s the gays who should have to change. The churches and religious right are the ones who need therapy! They are way behind the times and it’s ridiculous that being gay is still not accepted. As far as I’m concerned, hating on gays is as bad as being racist or sexist and, in a few years, everyone will be wondering what the eff was wrong with the people who, by 2009, still thought being gay was a sin. Also, why are these people so enamored with an organization that doesn’t want them, anyway?

But that’s just me, what do you think?