Quickies!: “Sixteen Candles” Director John Hughes Dies Of A Heart Attack

  • Beloved director John Hughes died today at the age of 59 from a heart attack. John delighted audiences young and old with movie classics – “Sixteen Candles,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Pretty In Pink,” and “The Breakfast Club.” Thanks for all the good times John, we won’t forget about you. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Justin Timberlake’s new Givenchy cologne ads are set to come out next month in the September issue of several magazines. Even though JT is the face of the cologne “Play,” the sexy singer recently told People that his favorite scent is just “a person’s skin”. [People] – I’d be happy to let Justin smell my perfume.
  • Jennifer Aniston won an iParenting Award for narrating a children’s book with her father. Loukoumi’s Good Deeds was granted the media award in the “Outstanding” category. [Us Magazine] – Congrats Jen, but still confused that a single, childless actress won an award for parenting.
    • Christian Siriano has teamed up with Victoria’s Secret for his own designer makeup line. The just-released CS line includes eyeliner, bronzer and eye shadow in gold colored compacts and a cute frilly makeup bag. [Victoria’s Secret] – Fierce!
    • In an effort to make Seoul, Korea a more “women friendly” city, various parking spaces have been painted pink for the exclusive use of women wearing high heels. So far almost 5,000 parking spots closest to businesses and shops are now pink so women don’t have to walk as far. [Lemondrop] – Seriously, woman-up and take those extra 10 steps.
    • Women’s sexy magazine Filament, basically the female equivalent of Playboy, is currently in talks with their printers over whether they can include pictures and spreads of men “fully aroused” for the pleasure of their female readers. [ TrèsSugar] — Because half naked and sometimes fully naked men aren’t enough.
    • Join the edgiest chain gang this fall. Designers continue to show dresses, vests and jewelry adorned with hard-core embellishments in their fall collections. [Refinery 29]