Louis Vuitton Solves All Of Your Intergalactic Packing Woes

This creation makes us question which planet Louis Vuitton is living on. (Oh right … France.) It’s a space-egg-suitcase-contraption that contains all the necessities for your next trip to Mars and yes, as in the one in outer space. From the illustration, we gather that the essentials for the LV lifestyle include a lounge chair to recall your sunny St. Tropez memories, books on style and fashion, drawers in which to organize your Vuitton accessories, and dishes. Makes so much sense, right?

The description, however, is in French, so here’s our stab at a translation—roughly—after the jump… Louis Vuitton Seems to Have a Low Neck Line For Mars

We celebrate a birthday very special, one of the 40 years since the first step on the moon. On this occasion, Louis Vuitton has created a trunk “Mars” very special shaped as space navy. As its name, the trunk contains all the necessary travel for a future expedition on Mars. Long chair, pencil case of first help, crockery and books, all arranged around a hot lap to ensure an agreeable journey for future astronauts.

But make no horns, the purpose is not for sale but exposed at the Rose Center for Earth and Space, American Museum of Natural History in New York with all sorts of imagined unbelievable objects by NASA.”

There you have it, people. Order up now! This will likely be THE gift for Xmas ’09. [JalouGallery.com]