Lisa Ling Ready To Speak At Your College Campus

Lisa Ling’s speaking agency sure didn’t waste a second. Yesterday evening, not 24 hours after Lisa’s tearful reunion with her sister, Laura, one of the two journalists imprisoned in North Korea who Bill Clinton somehow managed to bring home, the email above popped into my inbox. I do a lot of programming at my college, and usually when I get a message about a speaker my gut response is, “Wow, that would be amazing.” But yesterday my reaction was more like, “Soon, much?”
Now, I’m sure Lisa herself had nothing to do with this email blast. And yes, it does take a few weeks to actually book an appearance. But it seems like tremendously tacky timing—obvious leveraging of the fact that Lisa was in the news yesterday. Also, it’s kind of strange that they didn’t even update the pitch on her. Are we really to believe that in on-campus speeches she isn’t going to talk about the many-month ordeal she just went through trying to get her sister released? We are huge Lisa Ling fans over here. And we say give the girl a week with her family before trying to make money off of her.

**UPDATE: Lisa had no idea about this email blast.**