Does Sex Hurt You Really, Really Bad?

About 20 million women in American complain of having really, really painful sex. Often, the discomfort extends to daily life. Many women have problems sitting, riding bikes and even wearing jeans. One woman described sex as “having sandpaper rubbed on an open wound.” A lot of these women get really effed up emotionally because docs don’t understand what is going on. But physicians are finally getting hip to why this is happening, and they’re calling this new class of issues Sex Pain Disorders. Creative.Here are some of the suspected causes.

  • Birth control: For some women, taking the pill screws up their estrogen and testosterone levels. And if your hormone levels are super low, sex can be painful. Topical creams can help you here.
  • Tight pelvic muscles: If your lower back hurts and you have problems peeing it could be that your pelvic muscles are way too tight. Muscle relaxants, Botox and physical therapy should fix you right up.
  • Too many nerve endings: Some women have excessive numbers of nerve endings at the vestibule, or opening of vagina. Docs recommend medications or a simple surgery to remove the uber sensitive piece of tissue.
  • Endometriosis: This is when the lining of your uterus starts growing all over the place. If sex hurts when your partner goes in deep, you might have this. A surgery known as laparoscopy can diagnose and treat it.


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