A British Company Tries To Ban High Heels For “Health” Reasons

One company across the pond is trying to pass a new policy that bans something sexist, dangerous and hazardous to women’s health: high heels. Oh yes, while most people think the British Trade Union Congress should be dealing with labor policies, the mostly male organization is currently tackling Christian Louboutins. They are drafting a ban on heels over one-inch tall. The TUC has talked about banning heels in the workplace before, but this time they’re trying to sound like they care about women’s health and well-being, calling stilettos “demeaning” and talking about how a high-heel ban would avoid foot and back pain. As if you didn’t already guess, working women in the UK have fought back at the flat-footed men. These women explain the obvious fact that wearing heels is not forced torture and that, unbelievably, women like pairing their boring suit with some fun heels. But just in case wearing heels is one of your prime health concerns, the old boys at the TUC have drawn up a “Safety in Heels” guide for your medical education.

The TUC will decide on the high-heel ban next month and I hope all the women attending that meeting show up in sky-high Manolos. [Daily Mail]