Bridezilla Headed To The Slammer

Call it karma. Call it what nearly every “Bridezilla” viewer has wished, during one episode or another, would happen. Call it whatever you want. But the news that Karee Gibson Hart, who appeared on WeTV’s “Bridezillas” this summer, was arrested for her outrageous and vile behavior on the show sort of makes me smile. Actually, screw “sort of.” I’m grinning from ear to ear right now. Did you see her episodes?Now, I’m not a person who wishes ill on anyone, but this particular bride was so over-the-top hurtful, mean and disrespectful that even I wanted to see her put in her place. Turns out, that place was jail. After getting in trouble a while ago, Karee was on probation and forbidden from displaying any “threatening behavior.” Now, a short recap of her two-episode run: Karee, not happy with the color of her bridesmaid’s shoes, snatches the shoes, grabs a bottle of lighter fluid, doses them and sets the heels on fire. Fire! She then proceeds to berate her mother-in-law about how her dress (that has been hanging in the living room for over a year, without a garment bag or even a piece of plastic to cover it) is dirty. Dear Mom is made to clean the dress—with a toothbrush. Her own toothbrush. And it gets worse, somehow: On the day of her wedding, she gets into a car chase, speeding by the other motorist in the opposite lane, speeding along in oncoming traffic, stopping short and finally “reporting” him/her to the police as a stalker. Yeah, I think that qualifies as “threatening.”

In her own defense, Karee claims that the insanity was all just an act for the cameras: “I thought it would be a nice opportunity for me to show my acting skills, ’cause I’ve always wanted to be an actress and [it was] also a way for my family to get some income to help me pay for my wedding.” While I’m glad she is facing jail time, I hope to God she’s telling the truth on her acting abilities. No one could possibly act like that on a daily basis, right? [NY Post]