Boyle’s Got Style (And We Love!)

Now that we’ve had a night to take it all in, us Frisky-folk are absolutely obsessed with Susan Boyle’s Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot results! If you haven’t already, take a look-see at the photos…The Scottish songbird posed in Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Giuseppe Zanotti—loads of super-serious pieces that even the most experienced fashionista sometimes can’t pull off, but SuBo works it! Love the way — despite the makeup, hair and wardrobe — her personality still shines through (check her out in the purple dress photo—tell me she’s not having a ball). It’s refreshing. And we’re not saying so because that’s what everyone always says when any non-model or actress or anyone not a size zero poses for a fashion mag. It’s such a nice departure to see anyone actually smiling back at you from such glossy pages. Scowls? What scowls?