Advances In Textiles To Produce Sweat-Proof Fabrics? Please Say Yes.

The future of fashion has nothing to do with mod space-like suits, computerized visors, or moon shoes. Instead, it will be about taking what we already have and making it 10 times better. Specifically, we’re talking about the textile industry’s recent advances in “smart fabrics,” some of which would be sweat-proof, allowing you to live in a world without pit stains (which only existed previously in movies and fashion magazines). For a bit of a cool science lesson, here’s how MMT Textiles Ltd., the company now working to patent and produce the fabrics, came up with the idea: Dr. Veronika Kapsali based the creations on pine cones. Explains Kapsali, “As it absorbs moisture the textile becomes more porous and in dry conditions the structure opens up like a pine cone, reducing permeability to air and increasing insulation properties.”

OK, enough nerding out; you get the idea. But, can you imagine the amazing benefits? Never having to worry about wearing a white shirt in summer. Appearing flawless at the gym. Never getting deodorant stains on black clothes. Let’s just hope that there wouldn’t be the negative side effect of people nixing deodorant all together. Because that would clearly be a step backwards. []