Your Pashmina Has No Place In June, July, Or August

katie holmes summer scarf gsi g1 jpg
We’re all for buying things in one season and wearing them into the next (and the next and the next if possible), but some clothing items should stick to the time of year they were intended for. These include turtlenecks in winter, flip-flops in spring and summer, and scarves whenever the thermometer reads at least below 65.

Today is the hottest day we’ve had in New York this year, and I saw a woman wearing a summer dress with a thick scarf wrapped tightly around her neck. Maybe she was covering a hickey, but she looked inappropriate. Isn’t the whole point of summer to not wear more than you have to? A thin cotton or silk scarf can work during this time of year if worn loosely or not in a manner that suggests your neck needs warming. Generally though, if you’d like to accessorize on a hot day, a scarf won’t make you look French, it will make you look idiotic. Pick a necklace, and save your scarves for when your neck actually needs to be kept toasty.

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