Women-Hating Dude Kills Three At A Pennsylvania Health Club

Last night, a crazy, woman-hating man fired 52 shots into a ”Latin Impact” dance aerobics class at a LA Fitness health club outside of Pittsburgh. Three women were killed, and nine others were injured before the guy turned the gun on himself. George Sodini, 48, was a huge wack job. He had major beef with women and had been planning this murder for nine months on his website. On the site, he complained about having no control over his life, getting rejected by women, being a loner, failing at an earlier shooting attempt, and his problems with alcoholism. He even listed his death as August 4, 2009, the day the shooting happened.
It’s really awful this one slipped under the radar because someone could have stopped this guy before he walked into a fitness class with a big bag, turned off all the lights, and started shooting. Some girls said they were hiding behind each other, but, apparently, crouching behind a dude would’ve been their best bet because the gunman was only targeting women. Why he chose this gym, and specifically the Latin Impact class, I guess we’ll never know. How freaking sad. [NY Times]