Today’s Lady News: Ghostface Killah Is Definite Boyfriend Material

  • Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan appeared on Angela Yee’s satellite radio show and said some pretty appallingly misogynist stuff. He criticized some woman who apparently said she screws a new dude each month. “For a female, that’s not nice.” When Angela pointed out the double standard there, Killah said, “That’s what’s wrong with our people and shit. They put our women equal to men. We’re not equal.” Then he continued to criticize Karrine Steffans, who wrote Confessions Of A Video Vixen. “I would never wife that. She had so many d***s in her mouth…I ain’t never made one of those my partner,” he said. “If I f***ed a bitch and it was like that, then I just f***ed her and that was that.” [Salon Broadsheet] — Charming fellow, that one.

  • Some “pro-family” group called the American Family Association is pestering the CEO of AAA (the peeps who help you out when your car breaks down) for recognizing gay couples in its Family Membership policy. [American Family Association Action Alert] — Click through to read the sad, bigoted letter they’re asking people to send.
  • The 2009 Miss Black USA Pageant happened on Monday. Twenty-eight women (not all states send someone) competed for a $5,000 scholarship, a load of makeup, and a trip to Ghana. [Washington Post] — We’re not the biggest fans of beauty pageants to begin with, but a pageant celebrating black women’s beauty could actually be a good thing.
  • Intense: a photo essay about a Mexican prison where moms can raise their children behind bars with them. [Global Post] — This one’s not easy to read.
  • And now some good news! A study of 70,00 wannabe engineers has shown that female engineering students don’t drop out. Defying the stereotype that college women drop out of math-y programs, this study shows that while only 20 percent of engineering students are female, they stick with it more frequently than men do. [Chronicle Of Higher Education] — So. How about you ladies engineer some lids for pasta sauce jars that I can actually open?