New Favorite Blog: Skinny Girls, Big Sandwiches

In our weight-and-beauty-obsessed culture, there’s something almost fetishized and taboo about an image of a skinny girl eating a big, honking burger. That’s why I’m oddly obsessed with a new site aptly titled, Skinny Girls, Big Sandwiches. It’s a blog “dedicated to skinny girls chowing down and stuffing their gullets full of sandwiches … or tacos, wraps, burritos, hoagies, subs, hamburgers, sloppy joes, paninis, tortas … or just about any combination of meat and bread products.” After the jump, some of my favorite featured photographs.
I Love You Sandwich … You Don’t Judge Me. Ahhh … comfort eating. This pic shows a woman looking like she’s about to make love to her burger. Who hasn’t picked up a sandwich or a large vat of Ben & Jerry’s after a crappy day and gone to town?

That Skinny Bitch Behind Me Better Stop Staring at My Sandwich. A great play on female paranoia. But wait—is she nervous that the girl behind her is going to steal her sandwich or her spotlight?

Two Girls, One Hot Dog. One girl feeds another a hot dog. I won’t remind you all what this is a reference to. Question: When can we get over this whole woman eating a hot dog thing? Once and for all: HOT DOGS ARE NOT SEXY!

Now I’m hungry.