Sharon Osbourne’s Secret To Success: Be Ugly

I’ve always liked Sharon Osbourne. She looks like a woman who can hold her own—managing the career of her bat-biting rocker husband, caring for three rebellious children in the public eye, and not letting reality TV totally ruin her family. Sharon recently revealed that the fierce personality and hard work ethic that has brought her so far all came from … being ugly. Yes, in the new issue of Psychologies magazine Sharon says that her life would’ve been very different if she hadn’t been born fugly.

First off, I’m not sure I agree with Sharon’s diagnosis of her appearance. But even more than that, I’ve got some beef with Sharon’s beauty bomb.Gracing the mag’s cover, a (dare I say?) beautiful Sharon says all her achievements came down to her “short, fat, hairy” looks. Making herself out to be a talentless troll, Sharon describes the struggles of an “ugly girl” trying to make it in the music industry in the ’70s. She says that because she couldn’t get by on her looks, she had to have an attractive personality and educate herself super-well on the business to become successful.

Now, I know Sharon’s not saying that all attractive people are empty, mindless drones, but by saying that not looking great made her get her rear in gear makes me think she wouldn’t have felt the need to try as hard had she been naturally blessed with higher cheekbones. And that sucks, because I think all people, attractive or not, need to educate themselves and develop their own personality to be successful in life. Beauty only takes you so far. It’s a cliche, but a true one: beauty fades. And then what are you left with if you haven’t worked on all the facets of yourself?

Sharon admits that she suffered from bulimia and often felt that she couldn’t compete with the “beautiful people.” It sucks that her body image affected her life so much, but, hey, she didn’t do so bad in the end.

PS: After her numerous trips to the plastic surgeon, Sharon doesn’t complain about being ugly anymore. And now that she’s “pretty” she is still just as successful. Go figure.