Quickies!: Susan Boyle Likes Being “Short And Plump”!

  • Susan Boyle gets glam in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The singer comments on her fast rise to fame, but says she is not getting Botox and is fine with the way she looks – “short and plump.” [Us Weekly] – Thank you Susan for not giving into the superficial pressure of Hollywood! You rock.
  • Dr. Bailey, aka Chandra Wilson, will soon be pulling a double shift – Bailey will appear at Seattle Grace on “Grey’s Anatomy” and head over to Oceanside Wellness in the new season of “Private Practice.” Chandra will also direct her first “Grey’s” episode this fall season. [Entertainment Weekly] – Girl knows how to multitask!
  • Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is happy to be an outsider. At least that’s what she told People in an interview about her new “Melrose Place” character Ella, a girl “desperate for love.” Ashlee didn’t reveal too much, but spilled the show is packed with “jaw-dropping” moments. [People] – Hmm, I’m not sure how I feel about Ashlee playing a young teenager; she’s married and has a baby.

  • Palo Alto, Calif. will soon be overcome by cougars. At the end of August, cougar ladies from all over the country will flock out west for the First Annual National Single Cougars Convention. [Asylum] – God forbid a cute guy unknowingly walks into that room.
  • The CW is at it again. After being criticized for their racy OMFG “Gossip Girl” ad last year, the network is getting more heat for new vampy promo ads released for their upcoming show “The Vampire Diaries.” [ Très Sugar] – Oh come on, the ad only “suggests” a threesome.
  • In an effort to drum up some publicity, kids’ clothing designer Egg Baby recently launched a website called “I Want To Be A Baby”. The website features pictures, drawings and even videos of adult babies acting “adolescent” in public. [Urlesque] – Umm, this is weird.