“NYC Prep”: Who Will Save PC’s Soul?

Oh, how time flies! Can you believe the season is almost over?! I know, I didn’t realize it either, but apparently last night’s episode was the penultimate of “NYC Prep,” with the finale just next week. As for another season of “NYC Prep,” things aren’t looking too good considering the low ratings and defensive attitude from Manhattan schools.

Perhaps I was so shocked to realize there was so little time left because this episode was a real bore: Producers continue to put Camille in awkward situations, including her trip to Harvard; Sebastian tosses his hair around; and PC continues to be a hopelessly lost boy. Scene one: Camille and Sebastian meet up at an art fair. Camille gives him the stink eye while he pathetically attempts to prove that he’s more awesome at dating. One of his reasons? Camille acts too smart. In his one-on-one interview, he criticizes her humor saying, “I don’t tell jokes that are like, ‘Yeah my math book has 50 pages, not 60.'” Crickets chirp. Way to deliver a punch line, Seb. He also gave some interview to The Huffington Post this week about “what it’s like to grow up in New York City.” You live in the Hamptons. Stop pretending. [Huffington Post]

Camille gets more airtime later in the episode, when she, Kelli, and some other private school girl go to visit the Harvard campus. The tour guide tells Camille, “Good luck on getting in … even though you probably won’t.” This is true. Camille probably ruined her chances the second she got in front of the Bravo cameras, and definitely destroyed them when she brought the crew to campus.

As usual, the best bits of this episode came from PC and Jessie. I really like Jessie now—she’s a smart cookie. She might not be book-smart, but she’s mature, and has become the most accurate depiction of an ambitious private school girl. She’s still concerned about PC, and discusses this with her friend. Here, the dialogue is top-notch. Jessie: “I have saved PC’s ass since 7th grade … my family has done so much for him.” Friend: “You can’t change people, they have to do it themselves … you’re gonna try to micromanage things and end up on Lexapro for the rest of your life.” Well put, although that’s probably coming from a few years of fancy psychotherapy.

In the “real” world, the local elite are singing “How Do You Solve a Problem Like PC?” Read between the lines in a report about the prepster and his mother in New York Social Diary, and you can sense the disdain. To begin with, PC and mom live “comfortably but modestly.” (As in, “We don’t care about your Central Park West apartment. You’re middle class for all we care.”) PC’s mom seems to side with the Social Diary’s implicated exasperation:

For the mother, who would have objected to her son going on the show if she had the legal right to stop him, the son’s sudden fame/celebrity/notoriety will be whatever it will be. She’s smart enough to be philosophical about it, knowing that her ability to “protect” the boy will have very little effect on the life of the young man. She’s watching her boy go out into the world on his own for the first while the rest of the world is watching too.

Way to go, reinforcing the tradition of passive Upper East Side parents. [NewYorkSocialDiary.com]

Jessie is the only one in the picture who takes any guiding role in PC’s life, and her concern about his new entourage, which includes Social Life magazine editor-in-chief Devorah Rose, is spot-on: “When I am 30-something, I am not going to be hanging out with an 18-year-old-boy.” Wait a minute, that is really off and skeezy. Who is this woman? Devorah Rose (not her real name) is a smart girl with a master’s degree who basically chose a life of stupidity through her work at Social Life. Besides skirting a rumor about being a former stripper, and being openly pro-ana, her magazine’s ad sales are dismal. (Hmm … wonder why she finagled her way onto the show?) This person is not your friend, PC.

In another age-related fight between the two friends, PC tells Jessie about hanging out with Taylor, his “project.” Jessie says it’s a dangerous idea. “Taylor is 15, and PC is 18. There is a HUGE difference there.” Don’t laugh. This is a very, very intelligent observation. “I want to save Taylor,” PC explains.

Once again, Jessie’s perspicacity kicks him in the gut: “You aren’t Jesus!”

In next week’s goodbye episode, we’ll see if Jessie decides to let her best friend go … or do some saving of her own.

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