Awesome New Blog: Don’t Judge My Hair

Ever feel like it’s just time to change your ‘do? Lately, I’ve been so sick of the mildly-different-variations-on-the-same-haircut that I’ve been rocking for the last five years. I’m not ever going to rock a Holmes-bob and it looks like the Kate Gosselin wig is sold out. Dammit!

As I was cruising for some “out of the box” hair ideas, I came across this amazing site, Don’t Judge My Hair—a blog that pays tribute to epic hair styles, like this woman whose hair must be an homage to jellyfish. I secretly think a guy I dated must have inspired this site. He shaved a strip down the center of his head and dyed the rest pink and, as a result, looked like a friggin circus clown. Anhoo … while I may not find the ideal new ‘do for me, I am certain to get closer to my new look by finding ones that don’t make the cut. After the jump, some REALLY, REALLY inspirational hair.
Dad, Meet My New Boyfriend. Um … that guy I dated. I swear this is what his hair looked like. Only I would NEVER have introduced him to my dad. NEVER.

Hat Hair. Nothing worse than a case of “hat hair.” Except that this guy has it … permanently.

It Also Appears That Her Hair Is Wearing Makeup. Tell me how this hairdo happens? Are we sure it’s not a fabulous wig? How do you apply makeup to your hair? Anyone?

Did You Notice the Popped Collars? Yeah, Didn’t Think So. Meet the Mullets. Mama Mullet, Baby Mullet, and Psycho Papa Mullet.

You Know There’s Some Fighting Over the Bathroom In This Household. The winners! Worst hair family in the universe! I know they are in the universe because of the background in the photo. That’s real, right?