Gallery: Method Man And Other Musicians Who Have Lashed Out At Fans

methodman 080509 splash jpg
Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man lashed out at a fan last November, and now he’s being sued for it. Method Man was signing autographs out the back window of his tour bus, when a Houston woman handed the rapper her ticket. Rather than giving her back the memento, he allegedly shot her at least six times in the stomach with a pellet gun. Now she’s filed a suit for the physical pain and mental anguish she suffered as a result. While the lady claims the attack was unprovoked, the case has yet to go to court. [Chron]

Provoked or not, Method Man is far from the only celebrity who has attacked a fan. From indie rockers to “American Idol” stars, many musicians have assaulted their admirers. When will they ever learn that their fans just want a little extra lovin’?

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