Concerned About Your Feminine Flavor?

Hooray! Another product on the market designed to make women feel insecure about their womanly scent and taste! Linger: The Internal Feminine Flavoring is exactly what it sounds like — a mixer for your own personal body cocktail. Ahem:

A small, naturally sweetened flavoring, free of artificial dyes, which was created to flavor the secretions of a woman when she is sexually aroused. Linger is shaped for comfort during insertion and use, and is formulated to dissolve slowly, so the effects last and last…

This fruity vaginal suppository takes 45 minutes to an hour to dissolve completely, but the flavor lasts and lasts! With all the crap out there that seems to suggest that women are uncomfortable with their natural smell and taste, I have never heard a man complain. That’s why I decided to ask a couple guy friends, “How would you feel if your girlfriend used Linger?” Their answers, after the jump… Guy #1: “It’d just be gross, like edible panties. I don’t want fake strawberry flavoring involved in my sex.”

Guy #2: “Disgusted? Turned off? Horrified? I want my girlfriend to taste like my girlfriend.”

Guy #3: “I don’t think she needs it, but I would try it. I’ll try anything twice.”

You’re on, Guy #3. As soon as samples come in, we’ll pass them on, and you can give us your verdict on going down on a girl who tastes like Kiki Strawberry Snapple. [Love To Linger via The Bachelor Guy]