Anthropologie’s August Catalog Features Real(er) People

Anthropologie’s August catalog is out, and instead of the whimsical models they usually include, the company photographed “real people” wearing their clothes. Everyone and their mother is into street style photography these days, with Scott “The Sartorialist” Schuman even snapping the latest ad campaign for DKNY Jeans. It is nice to see different body types wearing the clothes that are for sale, but are they real people or simply models who have more realistic proportions? We took to Google and searched a few of the names listed in the catalog to find out.

Several are aspiring actresses, including Jennifer Marlowe, who has a profile in IMDb. According to her blog, she recently filmed something called “Lunch Special,” directed by Manu Boyer (who is married to Kim Raver).

Negin Niknejad professes herself to be an actress and holistic skin therapist in her Twitter bio, and she seems to be doing pretty well in that second career because she’s been interviewed by Men’s Health about how men can prevent wrinkles. Mizuo Peck is another actress, but unlike many of the others, she has a blockbuster to her name; she played Sacajawea in “Night at the Museum.”

And what about the couples shown kissing and holding hands? We’re pretty sure they’re real. Tal Harris and Kasia Kowalczyk (who lists herself as a “Director/Production Director” on Facebook, are both pictured in Tal’s profile picture, and he lists his relationship status as “Married to Kasia Kowalczyk.”

Tal is another real person who lists his work as “Producer/Actor” though, which makes us wonder if nearly all the people pictured are out-of-work actors. Oh well, at least they’re not models.