Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Modest Mouse To Amanda Blank

It’s new release Tuesday, er, Wednesday morning, so it’s time to take the latest tunes for a spin. This week is jam-packed with the indie awesomeness from the likes of Modest Mouse, Julian Plenti, Yim Yames, Japandroids, The Fruit Bats, Amanda Blank, and Yacht. If you’re hungry for some hot, tasty tracks, here’s a sweet helping for you. So, come, let’s chow down on this week’s sonic smorgasbord.

Modest Mouse, No One’s First And You’re Next
Modest Mouse makes songs you wanna sing when you’re drunk, whether it’s a rant that swells with horns, a sad little bango ditty, or an ominously chaotic scramble like this song, “King Rat.” The awesome animated video was directed by the late Heath Ledger, which is guaranteed to boost the profile of the band’s sixth album. Not to mention, this new record has a single, “Satellite Skin,” that’s ready to let them rock the radio again and still please their most diehard fans. But don’t worry, dudes. With all the attention they’re getting, Modest Mouse is well-crafted and weird—successful, not soulless. You can still expect the same angsty anthems and odd odes on this record.

Julian Plenti, Julian Plenty Is Skyscaper
Julian Plenti has the balls—the sweet, sensitive balls—to make the title track a string symphony punctuated with fuzzy samples. But the rest of the record gets a kick in the ass from a man with a reputation for rock—Interpol’s lead singer, Paul Banks. On his first solo record, he unleashes the pulsing, dirty tracks like “Fun That We Have” that sound akin to the soundtrack of the New York nights his original band wrote. If you were disappointed by Interpol’s third effort, these are the tracks you were waiting for.

Yacht, See Mystery Lights
Portland indie duo Yacht are back with a disco-electro album that will rock more than the boat. Songs like “Psychic City” sail more than a speedboat flying towards the blue-dance oblivion. On this record, Yacht adds funky ambient noises to their booty-shaking beats and ethereal chants, creating some art-pop you can get down with.

Japandroids, Post-Nothing
We love the indie bromance of the Japandroids. This album is a steady drum-kicking, guitar-stroking record of wild-hearted times. And man, can these two boys make a lot of noise! They scream for us; we scream for them!

Yim Yames, Tribute To
Yim Yames is actually Jim James of My Morning Jacket. In his first solo record, the lead singer puts his spin on George Harrison’s songbook and makes beautiful, melancholy country tunes including a simple, seductive cover of the Beatles jingle-jangle “Love To You.” While we can’t wait for the next MMJ record, we are glad Yim’s spending his time well.

The Fruit Bats, Ruminant Band
The bats are spicing things up on this record! The folk band sounds like they moved from the backwoods to the burbs with this soft rockin’ record of easy-going jams that make the perfect light soundtrack for a long car drive.

Amanda Blank, I Love You
Badass Amanda Blank will blow you away with her fast rap and funkdified beats. This gal’s got some serious style, in the same vein as her cohort Santogold. But she’s still her own thang.