Adam Lambert Gets Pelted With Sex Toys!

Adam Lambert claims he isn’t really into S&M, but that hasn’t stopped his fans from throwing glow-in-the-dark handcuffs and colorful whips onstage while he is performing. Granted, Lambert does dress like he’s into some freaky stuff but, really, sex toys? I doubt he’s going to get down with an object some random, screaming fan threw at him in a sweat-filled arena. [E! Online]

But musicians have been dodging weird objects while they rock out for quite some time. After the jump, find out what else has been known to fly through the air at concerts.

  • George Harrison once told an interviewer he liked a candy called Jelly Babies. After that, fans would pelt The Beatles with these sugary things every time they performed. They asked fans to stop, but not before George got pelted in the eye with an airborn confection. [Daily Mail UK]
  • In the ’80s someone threw a roll of toilet paper at Van Halen while he was performing. I’m sure he was really happy about that. [Flickr]
  • Down-home rockers Southern Culture on the Skids used to throw chicken into the crowd and sometimes the stuff would come right back. It’s a good thing the band had the art of chicken-throwing down pat. Their singer/guitarist said, “I prefer KFC original recipe. It doesn’t hurt as much. Extra-crispy can put an eye out. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that whatever speed a chicken leaves the stage, it returns at twice the velocity.” []

Whatever happened to throwing underwear? That was funny.