Happy Birthday, Barack! Which Presidential Birthday Party Would You Rather Go To?

Today is Barack Obama’s 48th birthday. It’s Tuesday, so he’s working, but we don’t feel too bad because he celebrated over the weekend by taking a trip to Camp David and brushing up on his bowling skills. He bowled a 144—pretty darn good for a dude who claimed a few months ago that his skills in the alley were on par with the Special Olympian. [Washington Post]

So, would you wanna bowl with Barack or kick it with a past prez on his big day? See how Barack’s birthday plans stack up.

  • When George H.W. Bush turned 85 on June 12, he went skydiving. After he landed, Bush took the opportunity to pat himself on the back. “Just ’cause you’re an old guy, you don’t have to sit around drooling in the corner,” he said. [Huffington Post]
  • Of course, we can’t forget John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday party, where Marilyn Monroe sexily sang, “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.” Knowing John’s love of women, we bet there were lots of other attractive gals there as well. Oh, and tons of alcohol. [Time]
  • For Franklin Roosevelt’s 52nd birthday in 1934, he had 52 young gals parade through a New York hotel wearing hats that looked like slices of cake. The girls had an inventive, if not silly, move where they all got together in the middle of the room to form one giant cake. Each had a candle that they held up in the air while singing “Happy Birthday.” [Time]
  • In October 2006, Bill Clinton turned 60, throwing one of the most exclusive parties of them all. Attendees each had to pay $60K to $500K for their seats at a private Rolling Stones concert. All the proceeds were going to charity, but peeps still didn’t want to pay that much. At the last minute, the Clintons slashed prices big time. [Daily Mail UK]

So which of these send presidential birthday parties sounds the best to you?