When It Comes To Fashion Erotica, There’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

We love, love, love today’s Refinery 29 roundup of erotic fashion magazines. And while we heartily agree with their statement regarding the fact that modern-day fashion advertising and editorials are sexier than ever — “With the lines between fashion, eroticism, and porn becoming less and less clear, it seems perfectly on point for a sexy slew of stylized skin mags to arouse new curiosity” — we feel compelled to point out that one of our favorite magazines of all time, Viva, was totally all up on this back in the ’70s, and if you like this kind of stuff, you should get to know it. [Refinery 29 (NSFW)]

Oh, and did we mention that Anna Wintour worked at Viva? More scoop, after the jump… If you’re not familiar with Viva (chances are it was a little before your time), and if you love fashion that toes the porn edge, it’s worth an Ebay or vintage magazine shop search. Viva was the female version of Penthouse, in a way (it was owned by Bob Guccione), but unlike say, a trashy Playgirl type of approach, it was as classy as it gets. Nestled behind essays by Joyce Carol Oates and John Irving were interviews with A-listers like Anne Bancroft and Jack Nicholson, and what perhaps truly set it apart was the art direction, which included luscious scenery, cheeky styling and gorgeous photography by the likes of Helmut Newton.

Sadly, Viva was too good to last. It never really made the Guccione’s any money, and their fledgling fashion editor, a young Miss Wintour, eventually sought greener pastures at New York Magazine. While some of us are lucky enough to own a stack of vintage Viva’s at home (wink), it also looks like interested parties can stock up on Jacques, a new racy yet fashion-forward magazine that takes plenty of cues from its soft-lit, Vaseline-lensed predecessor.