Stephen Colbert Won’t Let This Teen Birth Control Junkie Off Easy

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Nailed ‘Em – War on Birth Control
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Nothing has made us giggle as hard this morning as this “Colbert Report” clip about 17-year-old Freesia Jackson, who was nailed by her school officials for possession of a controlled substance: her birth control pills. Popping a baby-blocker in the cafeteria earned this little trollop a two-week suspension from school.
Stephen rips this junkie and her “fallopian dope” a new one, siding with a member of the Fairfax County School Board who says there is a no-drug policy at the high school because — and I quote —” birth control pills are just as dangerous as heroin.” Have you even seen a teen girl jonesing for a fix of Yaz? Watch out!

(Ummm, Mr. Fairfax County School School Board Guy, sir? Birth control pills are just a bunch of hormones.)