Stephenie Meyer Accused Of Plagiarizing Parts Of “Breaking Dawn”

These days, everyone and their mother is reading and writing about vampires. And apparently Twilight author Stephenie Meyer and lesser-known scribe Jordan Scott have “similar” vampy storylines. Scott is claiming that Meyer plagiarized main bits of Breaking Dawn from her novel The Nocturne, which was released in 2006. So what’s the beef?
Spoiler alert: If you haven’t read the books yet and actually care, stop here. But if you have, the plagiarism claim stems from three similar scenes in each book: the death of a character’s wife, the pregnancy of a woman carrying a demon child, and a sex scene between two people after a wedding. Apparently, Scott doesn’t think that Meyer could have ever thought up a scene of death, demonic babies, and honeymoon sex?

Well, Meyer’s attorneys think this is a pile of BS. After Scott sent Steph a cease and desist letter to stop the vampire madness, Meyer’s attorneys fired back saying the Twilight author had never heard of Scott or her book before. Just like the rest of us?

I think Scott’s just pissed her vampy book didn’t get the Twilight fame first. TMZ obtained the original documents and letters, so take a look if you’re still not convinced. At least it’s not as bad as the Elisabeth Hasselbeck gluten-free cookbook debacle. [Gawker]