“The Sopranos” May Be The Next HBO Show Turned Into A Movie

I’m not going to lie, I actually loved the “Sex and The City” movie. It gave fans like me another dose of Carrie and the girls, who we’ve missed so intensely since the show’s finale. (And, of course, I’m holding my breath until the “SATC” sequel.) But now it seems that every popular HBO show is being considered for a movie version. Jeremy Piven already spilled the beans that he’s working on bringing Ari, Vince, and the rest of the “Entourage” crew to the big screen. Now word’s out about a possible “Sopranos” flick. Seriously?! [NY Daily News]
While the show’s creator is keeping quiet on a movie deal, “Sopranos” cast members are chatting up the possibility. Lorraine Bracco told reporters that the only thing holding the cast back from a movie is finding a killer script. It’s not clear whether everyone will come back—James Gandolfini has not signed on to reprise his role, but Steve Van Zandt already spilled that his character, Sil, “is still alive.”

Um, thanks for ruining that one, Steve. I thought what was so genius about the show’s finale was all the question marks it left unanswered—there’s been knock-down, drag-out debates about whether Sil, or Tony for that matter, were alive in the end. Continuing the series from where it left off would be such a buzz kill. On the other hand, I’m sure many “Sopranos” fans would gladly welcome a film version. And since the show did so great on TV, producers no doubt want to continue making bank.

I worry that a Hollywood version of “The Sopranos” would demean the intelligence of the show and break the intimacy between viewer and character that was so special. Now, I may be biased, but I think the folks over at “Sex and The City” did things right. Who knows if the sequel will be as true to the show, but the first one was a well-done continuation of the lives of the girls. I’m concerned that if the HBO-to-movie trend keeps going, all the juicy goodness of these great shows will be squeezed out, and filmmakers will start turning to stereotypical, predictable plots, just so they can use the same characters over and over again.

Geez, I’m just waiting to hear rumors of a “Six Feet Under” movie. Can’t we just let great shows end in peace?