Quick Pic: Peep This Pink Bunny

Ok, so it didn’t arrive in time for my fifth birthday, but this is proof little girl’s dreams do come true! There is, in fact, as we speak, a pink bunny so big you can spot it on Google Earth! Viennese art collective, Gelatin, has created the 30ft high, 200ft long stuffed animal on a mountainside in the North of Italy. Best part, it’s meant to be played with! Visitors are encouraged to hop on the pink rabbit…um, not that other vibrating pink rabbit, you perv. This soft and silly bunny will be on display til 2025, although we recommend getting there before the dirt, dust, snow, bed bugs and other elements beat you to it. Now, if you can’t make it over to Italy, you can get up close with these perfectly pink and fluffy photos after the jump… [The Guardian]Pink Bunny pillow

Pink Bunny

Pink Bunny and Artists