Paris Hilton’s Ex-Manager To Publish A Tell-All Book

Jason Moore, Paris Hilton’s former manager, takes credit for turning “this blond piece of clay into a global icon.” And now, he’s pitching a book to publishers called Controlling Chaos, that describes exactly how he “sculpted” Paris into a superstar. He claims that the tome is a “business” book, but we bet Jason is going to be a lot more interesting than your average business writer because Paris, in her infinite wisdom, never made him sign a confidentiality agreement. Oops! In the book, Moore allegedly claims that Paris is her own worst enemy. He supposedly has quite a bit to say about Paris’ wild partying, her vanity, that sex tape, and her general bad behavior. He pats himself on the back for using media connections and pulling strings to clean up the girl’s numerous messes. Sure sounds like this whole memoir is going to be more of an tell-all about Paris’ life than a how-to guide for getting famous. [NY Daily News]