Frisky Exclusive Q&A: Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend Via Whisper Chain

By now you might have seen the video above, in which a guy simultaneously sets a Guinness World Record (for the longest whisper chain at 59 people) and proposes to his girlfriend. But when I saw it, I realized something — hey, I KNOW that guy! His name is Jake Bronstein and you may recognize him as a cast member from “Road Rules: Islands” (1997) if you are as old as I am and a devoted watcher of MTV’s crap. Since then, he’s pretty much avoided the reality TV ghetto, instead working at a variety of men’s magazines, launching his own blog, Zoomdoggle, and helping to bring our new web series, “,” to the masses. The last time I saw Jake, he told me about his girlfriend, Kristina, and said he was “gettin’ engaged soon.” Little did I realize that their engagement would become viral video fodder. Jake was nice enough to tear himself away from engagement bliss to answer a few questions about his aww-inducing proposal. Get the scoop, after the jump… The Frisky: When you decided to pop the question to your girlfriend, did you immediately know you wanted to do something unique, over-the-top, and, uh, world record breaking? Or did you ever consider the private, quiet, traditional approach?

Jake Bronstein: I wanted to include as many friends as possible. That was the goal. Did I think it would be interesting to anyone beyond our circle? No. Keep in mind, I’ve probably set 10 records. And not many people beyond my mom seem to care.

The Frisky: Were you sure she would say yes?

JB: Ten-thousand-percent sure. Not a question. I know she hates it when I say that, but, well, it was just a feeling I had. Things are that easy. To be able to say that a year and half in is really nice.

The Frisky: How did you get her involved in the whisper chain? What did she think her role was that left her completely unaware of your real motivation?

JB: I had kind of set it up the month before at another record setting night. Typically I set records and she cheers me on — like the time I drank a bottle of syrup in record time, and she held the vomit bag. The month before we tried to set the world’s longest successful whisper chain. It didn’t work, but it made it seem that much more natural when I asked her to try and help me set that record again the next month. That also, kind of, sort of, though not all way, explained why so many of our friends were there. Typically not that many people we know come to these events.

The Frisky: How long have you been together? What made you realize that she was the one and that she would appreciate this kind of proposal?

JB: We’ve been together a year and a half, but I knew the second I met her. I had made a list a month or two before we met of all of the qualities I wanted in a woman. Number one was, even above an amazing smile, which she’s got, and a great career, was bubbly — someone who could make their own happiness and enjoy the silly world I like making for myself. But I wasn’t sure
where to meet someone like that. Then I sat down next to Kristina at a bar on a Sunday. I knew she was bubbly even before she asked if she could try on the Mexican wrestling masks I had with me. I knew she was the one.

Are you stressing about topping this romantic stunt for your first anniversary or are you not gonna bother trying?

JB: I think the next step is just planning a wedding. Sadly, it’s looking like we can’t do that “whisper down the aisle” style. Luckily, she throws parties for a living — for Lincoln Center — so I think we’re in good hands.