What To Order At Celeb’s Favorite Restaurants

OK, yeah, I know what you’re going to say. Celebs, eat? Whaa? Last time I checked, Jen Aniston was a vegan/vegetarian/all-salad-all-day/raw foodist/no-foodist, that’s how she looks so freakin’ amazing in whatever pencil skirt or jeans-and-belt-combo she’s rocking today. (Or tomorrow, or yesterday…) Well, yeah—many stars have a strict diet they follow as well as an insane personal trainer on call to work off any extra ounce of pudge trying to lay claim to their hips—but I’m talking about what they eat when they make those grand gestures and venture out to the newest hotspot restaurant. You know, the restaurants you and I will never get into without having to eat dinner at 4:30 p.m. or 1 a.m.—places like Wolfgang Puck’s Cut in LA or The Waverly Place (pictured above) in New York City where just last night Sienna Miller, she of the bonkers closet fame, ate. Do you ever wonder what celebs chow on during their dinners out? (Hey, you either do or you don’t.) Here’s a list of celeb haunts and the menu item to order if you ever go on a date with Bradley Cooper and he leaves the “where” part up to you: Wolfgang Puck’s LA steakhouse, Cut: Who knew Mark Wahlberg, Tom Ford, Chris O’Donnell, Isla Fisher, Spedi and Courteney Cox all loved beef so much—apparently Wolfgang sends out the not on the menu sliders to his celeb buddies.

The Waverly Inn, NYC: Order the truffled mac and cheese. But during white truffle season, don’t be shocked if your check goes up about a hundred dollars, easy. But because you’re dining with Sienna, Jessica Simpson, Rachel Zoe, Sean Lennon, and just about any celeb that’s ever been to New York, they’ve got the bill covered. Naturally.

The famous sushi chain, Nobu, in NYC, Miami, Mailbu: Well, we know what you won’t be eating, and that’s the blue fin tuna. But feel free to stare and point at the likes of Sam Ronson, Charlize Theron and Sting—they love that.

Newbie restaurant, Minetta Tavern, in NYC: A newer joint in comparison, but that doesn’t keep Woody Allan, Ben Affleck, Madonna or Jude Law away. Order up the $26 burger—worth the obscene price tag.

Paparazzi target, Il Sole, West Hollywood: Jennifer Aniston’s go-to. There have been countless Jen, Courteney Cox and David Arquette paparazzi shots looking full and happy on shrimp linguine, climbing into their cars.