Ask The Astrosexologist: Double The Scorpio Means Fireworks Or A Freak Show!

I’ve (11/11/79) recently begun hanging out with the brother of an old friend (11/21/77)and what started as a ball-busting friendship is turning into an intense sexual attraction. We tend to have those conversations that potentially evolve into amazing earth-shattering sex punctuated by laughter and general awesomeness. We’ve both admitted that we feel uncommonly comfortable with each other and we’re sometimes brutally honest. Here’s the issue: right now neither one of us is in a place where we feel able to give a relationship our attention. He’s facing a MAJOR career-altering event in two months (hopefully once in a lifetime event), and I need a few weeks after school ends to get my s**t together after a career-altering and uncommonly stressful year. (I’m a teacher and grad student.) We both need lots of sex, and a primarily sexual relationship is OK with me for the foreseeable future. The problem is that we have an awesome connection, and I’m afraid I will get all dramatic in a few months if it has to end. I hate drama and he’s one of my best friends at the moment. I do not deal very well with uncertainty about this kind of stuff, which is probably why I am frequently single and a frequent battery-buyer. I like being in control, but I have never wanted to lose control more in my life. – Sex Starved Two Scorpios doing it always means fireworks or a freak show! So far though, your situation sounds like fireworks — but if you don’t want it to turn into a freak show, you need to take control and stop viewing this as a crash and burn mission. Scorpios are all or nothing creatures and if you want it, you have to stop making excuses for why it can’t happen.

First of all, obsession is Scorpio’s birth right and if you aren’t obsessing over someone or some thing, it’s obviously not worth it to you. Sure, you both need space in the beginning, but it just sounds like you both don’t want to dive right in out of fear of being rejected or thinking you are just being used for sex — the Scorpio ladies’ eternal concern. The fact is, you want him and your feelings aren’t going to be stopped. Sure, he’s all about his big life-changing thing — but what better way to celebrate good news than in the arms and body of the one you love?

For Scorpios, the major career shift is coming in a series of eclipses that started on July 7th in your house of idealism — but around August 10th it the most significant time for Scorpios’ careers. Take note, because it’ll be after that time that you will see if a shift in priorities can happen and you will be able to find that space to balance more than just your career and any apprehensions about a relationship. Until then, envision what you want and create it. Screw it, be each others’ best friend and lay down the foundation of what you want your lives to be like together. Then, in time, you’ll be an integral part of each others’ lives and the luxury of your love will seem impossible to be without. This is how Scorpios like falling in love, as if fate is guiding them.

However, if you aren’t getting the attention and recognition you want, post life-altering event thingy (most likely by September), know that is your time to take action — which means being brave and negotiating a better deal, but be willing to accept that you have gotten all that you can and walk away. Until then, stop thinking so fatalistically, because you have time to play your cards right. Make him realize he can’t live without you; you have until late August to create your destiny or demise!

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