You’re Urnbelievable: Facing Your Fear Of Death

Michael Jackson’s memorial brought about some insane products, but now the average joe can find the crazy to fit their budget. Cremation Solutions, which already offers a creative line of diamonds, jewelry, and glass paper weights all fabricated from your loved one’s ashes, is now using 3D imaging to make one-of-a-kind urns that look just like the deceased. All the grieving family has to do is send in two photos of their dearly departed and then, through the miracle of computers and $2,600, a super realistic sculptural likeness of his or her head is created to double as a jar for their ashes. Can you imagine trying to have sex on the sofa with this dude staring down at you from the mantle? Alternatively, this would make a great cookie jar for those on a diet. [Metro U.K.]