Yesss! It’s Birth Control For Men. Almost.

It’s about time guys starting taking part in the whole circle-of-life thing. I mean, it’s us girls who have to deal with getting our periods, taking birth control, getting pregnant, having a baby, and just generally being super awesome. Oh wait, that last one isn’t part of reproduction. Well, anyway, men may soon be able to ease our burden, because scientists are one step closer to unlocking the secret of male contraception. They’ve identified the gene mutation that prevents dudes from being able to make babies. Guys who are infertile have sperm that aren’t good swimmers. And, if a dude doesn’t have the Michael Phelps of man fluid, well, those little guys just aren’t going to make it to the egg. The good news is—this discovery could help scientists develop birth control for men. If they could just figure out how to replicate this mutation in fertile men and make sure it’s reversible, us ladies could stop taking those little pills every day. [Women’s Health]