Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow Lets You Borrow Or Buy

Celebs get to borrow whatever designer goods they want, whenever they want. We’ll still have to pay for the privilege, but at least the fashion gods have thrown us a bone with this amazing online boutique: Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow. This brand new e-commerce site works just like Bag, Borrow or Steal, but instead of handbags and accessories, WTGT allows you to borrow high-end designer clothes. They’ve got a laundry list of chic designers available, like Zac Posen, Herve Leger, Kate Moss and Anna Sui. As a member — and it’s free to join — you can rent pieces for a week or a month for up to 90% off the retail price. And there’s oh so much more…Besides the fact that when it comes to cocktail dresses, they usually see the light of day once only to be buried in our closets, WTGT addresses the tricky issue that is buying the right size when you shop online. Because what’s the point of being able to buy really amazing clothes if they don’t fit? WTGT has come up with a revolutionary new standard sizing method which guarantees that any item you order from any designer will fit you perfectly. So, for example, if you are a size six and want to borrow one of Herve Leger’s super slimming wrap dresses, you don’t have to order a size bigger. Their TRUEFIT sizing chart helps guarantee that a size six will fit you exactly. If that isn’t enough, a sizing chart, measuring tape, and additional tips are available online, and they also have a team of stylists ready to chat with you at any point to answer questions or concerns. New clothes arrive every Monday, so you really never do have to wear the same clothes twice. That is, unless you want to, in which case you have the option to buy the dress you’ve borrowed from them as well. [Fab Sugar]