“True Blood” Recap: Godrick Saves The Day!

Last night’s episode of “True Blood” was mega exciting. In a nutshell: Bill was stuck in a hotel room with his maker Lorena and we were treated to another flashback, though this one was less bloody and sexual. I wonder if, as time goes on, we’ll get to see flashbacks of all the vamps in different time periods. Aren’t you just dying to see what Eric looked like in the ’70s? I know I am! Keep reading for more recapping excitement…

Reverend Newlin found out that Sookie and Jason are related and assumed that Jason is in cahoots with the vampires too. Sarah (seemingly) shot Jason for betraying her after she gave him some heavenly love making. That big burly henchman of the Reverend tried to rape Sookie, but the twinktastic ancient vampire Godrick showed up and stopped him. Eric cried bloody vampire tears. Sam survived the whole orgy sacrifice soiree and learned from Daphne that the crazy bull-headed lady wants him under her control. Apparently that requires him giving himself over to her, since she can’t control him without his cooperation, what with him being a supernatural. Lafayette was hysterical as always, Tara started to catch on that something ain’t right about all those post-orgy blackouts, and Mary Ann made Eggs stab poor stupid Daphne.

Lastly, could Hoyt be the most progressive man in all of Bon Temps? In the clip above, he confesses to Jessica that he’s still a virgin at 28, that he doesn’t have a problem with gay people, and that he doesn’t believe in the term “slut” because everyone is just trying to find someone to be with. Aww.