Screech Is Conspicuously Absent From “Saved By The Bell” Reunion

Jimmy Fallon is going to be so pissed when he sees the newest issue of People magazine. After repeatedly begging asking to hold a reunion on his late night show, the cast of “Saved By The Bell” decided to come together on the cover of People. In all fairness, Mario Lopez confessed that People had the 20th anniversary reunion idea before Jimmy and has worked for over a year putting together a feature deserving of the mega-popular ’90s sitcom. And really, can you argue with A.C. Slater?

Even though it’s been 20 years since Zack Morris was “Saved By The Bell,” the entire cast looks as happy and oddly fresh-faced as they did back at Bayside High School. Except for everyone’s favorite geek—Screech. No, Dustin Diamond wasn’t late to the shoot. He was asked not to come. [People/NY Daily News]Apparently while Zack, Slater, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, and Lisa Turtle are interviewed in depth in People, Dustin Diamond’s soon-to-be-released tell-all book got him kicked out of the long-awaited reunion. Dustin’s book, Behind the Bell, is Screech’s take on the real “Saved” experience. The book is chock full of dirty details about sexual exploits, drugs, and raging parties. The rest of the cast says the book is about as true as a high school rumor and didn’t want the reunion ruined by petty gossip. Apparently, Dustin is peeved about getting banned from the shoot, but it’s hard to expect a warm welcome when you’re about to release a book of maybe-true secrets. Not to mention the mess with his sex tape and his embarrassing stint on reality TV. Silly Screech.

Unfortunately, no reunion show is planned for the cast as of yet (you still have a chance Jimmy!), but the People issue, on stands now, will definitely help you commemorate the hilarious high school lingo and amazing neon spandex we grew to love. And for all those Screech lovers upset at his reunion absence—his book comes out September 29.