Rape A Serious, Serious Problem In South Africa

In South Africa, lesbians have it tough. There’s a whole category of heinous crimes there known as “corrective rape,” where power trippin’ men who rape lesbians to turn them straight or just to punish them for their preferences. Corrective rapes happen all the time, yet only 31 cases have been reported since 1998. Why? Because women don’t trust the system and don’t want to out themselves. Of those 31 reported cases, two have made it to trial and there has been just one measly conviction. But hopefully, that sad number is about to double. On Wednesday, three a-holes who raped openly gay football sportswoman, Eudy Simelane, will go to trial and the outcome of the case will send a very strong message—hopefully in the right direction. But it isn’t just lesbians who get raped in South Africa. Over 54,000 gang rapes are reported each year, making it one of the countries with the highest rate of sexual violence in the world. Dudes have disgusting tactics for pulling off gang rapes. Some men travel in packs, preying on one woman at a bar. Other dudes take a girl home and have their friend hide under the bed while they do the dirty deed. After, the friend has a go. The men think the woman doesn’t notice that they are switching it up because the room is dark.

The root of the problem is, South African men are raised to be uber macho. The idea that women are inferior to men is enforced by the government as well as people’s families and friends. The inequality makes it easier for men to justify their crimes. One rapist said, “It’s not about her, we bought her drinks, you know how drinks are expensive.” Another jerkface said, “We can’t say it’s gang rape because, OK, I know sometimes we have to drug the girl and everything, but it does not happen all the time.”

These reasons are so stupid, I’m not even going to dignify them with a response. But, feel free to vent your feelings. Just try not to punch a hole in your computer screen. [BBC]